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7 Steps to Guaranteed Loan Approval

Trusted by real estate investors in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia, the Hard Money Handbook contains everything you need to know to get your next deal funded with a hard money loan from Finley Capital.

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Why Hard Money?

Learn how to leverage private capital to complete your next fix and flip project.

The purpose of this handbook is to help you understand how to get the most out of your relationships with your hard money lender, how to make your loan application attractive to your lender, and most importantly how to obtain hard money loan approvals so you can take your real estate investing to the next level with a reliable funding partner you can count on for years to come.

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At Finley Capital we understand how borrowers think. That’s why we made the process simple, fast and reliable. Reach out today for a loan quote from Finley Capital.

Logan Richetti, Founder

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learn more about the following:


Introduction to Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is a form of asset-based financing in which a borrower obtains funds backed by real estate. We break down exactly how a hard money loan is structured.


The Hard Money Loan Process

The process consists of six steps: apply, process, underwrite, fund, service and repay. We take you through each step in detail.


The 4 C’s of Underwriting

At Finley Capital we look at the character, capacity and credit of the borrower and the collateral itself. We expand on the underwriting requirements in detail.


7 Steps to Guaranteed Approval

Learn exactly how to increase the appeal of your loan application to obtain the best possible terms and of course to maximize your chances of getting your loan request funded.

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Finley Capital made the hard money loan process easy from start to finish. They really are simple, fast and reliable! I highly recommend Finley Capital to anyone who needs a hard money loan.

Kevin CramptonUnlocked Investments LLC

The draw process with Finley Capital was efficient and straightforward. We did not have to wait weeks for our escrow draws to be released. That keeps our contractors on site and working.

Herb SaenzTri County RE Investments LLC

The underwriting team at Finley Capital is first class. They communicate proactively and go the extra mile to provide loan approval quickly. Finley Capital is the best private lender I've ever worked with!

Tom HolleyHollywood Property Investments LLC

Securing funds for my real estate deals is no longer an impediment to my growth. Finley Capital truly has become a funding partner.

Jeremy HooverLatest Realty


Take a look at a few recent #finfundedflips completed by talented real estate
operators across the country.

Term: 143 days

South Bend, IN

Loan Amount: $180,000              LTV: 63%

ARV   $285,000

Term: 169 days

South Bend, IN

Loan Amount: $74,520              LTV: 48%

ARV   $155,000

Term: 325 days

Bay City, MI

Loan Amount: $56,500              LTV: 39%

ARV   $145,000

Term: 63 days

Prudenville, MI

Loan Amount: $51,200              LTV: 60%

ARV   $85,000

Term: 329 days

Dowagiac, MI

Loan Amount: $50,600              LTV: 79%

ARV   $65,000

Term: 224 days

South Bend, IN

Loan Amount: $98,000              LTV: 62%

ARV   $159,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a form of asset-based financing where a borrower obtains funds backed by real estate. These loans are typically provided by private lenders or hard money lending firms. They require a first-position mortgage or deed of trust on the property, a promissory note, a commercial loan agreement, and a personal guarantee from borrowers.

How does a hard money lender evaluate a loan?

Hard money lenders have a simpler and more flexible approach to underwriting compared to conventional lenders, who rely on complex credit and income criteria. Hard money lenders use common sense and creativity to evaluate each deal, considering if the property is suitable for a hard money loan and if the borrower is likely to succeed in their plan for it.

How much does a hard money loan cost?

A hard money loan’s approval is based on the present and future value of the property being used as collateral, while conventional loans place greater emphasis on the borrower’s credit, income, and ability to repay. Due to the increased risk and shorter loan terms, hard money loans generally carry higher interest rates and origination fees compared to conventional loans.

To access a comprehensive breakdown and detailed loan calculation, please download our handbook today.

Why would a borrower use a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is appealing to investors looking to purchase, renovate, and sell or rent distressed properties because traditional banks and credit unions are hesitant to lend for such projects. These loans are a quicker alternative, often funded in a shorter timeframe than traditional loans that involve lengthy underwriting and appraisal processes, which can take 30 to 45 days. This makes hard money loans advantageous for borrowers needing swift property acquisitions.

Download the Hard Money
Handbook today!

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